Make your lives simpler

Inventeron is the leading manufacturer of the various technologies and products that help to make your lives simpler. Have a look at the products that we provide to our customers.

Breathe easy

This is one of the most innovative and creative products that meet the present situation safety requirements. This is a smart helmet that can purify the air and eradicates viruses. A portable product that can be carried away anywhere and is much easier to use. You can wash the filters many times and can be used multiple times. This can thus be again assembled to the existing helmets as well. A mobile device that is embedded with Bluetooth technology and also supports the Music on the ride. Along with music, this comes with the call answering capability as well and provides the safety and protection to the health of the people.

Drive Easy

A product that can detect the driver’s condition and providing him with the alert when he feels sleepy. This is one of the innovative and productive devices that provides a mild DC shock without harming the driver when he feels sleepy. This is the product proven to save life to save the lives of the people who have to drive more frequently or regularly at night times. There are additional technological features with GPS navigation that helps to track the location of the vehicle and monitor the vehicle remotely. This device helps in safeguarding the driver in the most effective manner.

Wash easy

An effective and productive portable washing machine that can be carried anywhere and provide the instantaneous washing needs. This can quickly and efficiently wash clothes. The device has been specifically designed for washing the tiny and small sized clothes like the inner wears, socks, and shoes at the instant. Along with the instant washing, it provides the facility of instant drying up of the clothes. A best-suited device for the bachelors who stay in the hotels or restaurants, or the PG anywhere.

Grow Easy or Crop Easy

An innovative and productive irrigation product that automatically irrigates the entire field. This is embedded with the sensors that can sense the real time humidity values of the soil and manage the motor working automatically. With a single mobile phone, the farmer can wirelessly monitor and control the motor and soil from any place and at any place. The farmer can get to know about the status of the monitor and soil on demand at any time. Also, this product is much user friendly and cost-effective.

Park Easy

This is one of the most useful technologies of the generation. An application based on artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to provide an easy parking solution. An effective model that can provide more parking in lesser space. Thus, with the proper utilization of the space, one can easily navigate for the free and available parking slots near them. Also, they can pay for the parking slots automatically using this app. One can easily get to locate the free space for parking near their home or the workplaces etc.

Institution management solution

One of the most important and most powerful products that help in the management of the Schools and colleges much effectively and efficiently. This is an IoT based application that comes with a digital LED display board that functions just like a Notice board and is linked to a web application. Admin can anytime share the data or the schedules for any important notification for their students directly to this notice board at any time and from any place. This is more like a platform where the institution can perform a lot of activities and thus, making the management of the entire institution much simpler. It can record the attendance of the faculty and students, internal marks display, fee notifications or the performance of the individual students, overall development of the institution, and much more other analytics. This can be set as per the convenience of the user and can be used for a lot of purposes by any kind of institution. This package product includes the:

  • Website
  • Web application
  • A digital notice board
  • A billing software
  • College /school management software
  • Attendance monitoring